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You need a trusted partner with innovative digital marketing solutions to help your business grow with more profit. That’s where we come in!

Professional Team

Our team altogether has more than 50 years’ experience from research and strategist to IT and digital marketing to design and video editing for clients locally and globally.

Results-driven Agency

Our success is when our clients achieve their business goal. We put very high commitment on our works and if we can’t meet the agreed goal, we will give our client back the money.

Beyond Digital Marketing

We are also the expert in research and marketing strategies thus we are able to provide our clients with insight and strategies that is valuable to create digital marketing plan.


We are always with you to listen to you and support you on everything you need. Our offices are in Thailand and Cambodia and we speak 5 languages amongst our team.

innovative approaches

We believe that one size can’t fit all. This is why we tailor our solutions to accelerate each business differently according to problems, products and industry. Our 4-steps approach is to make sure to help you succeed.

1. Understand

Meet to discuss the problems, marketing goals and current marketing activities.

2. Research & Strategy

Conduct market research to develop marketing strategy and tactics to achieve goals.

3. Action

Implementing the agreed strategy and tactics

4. Measure

Ongoing monitoring the results and enjoy growth.


We bring innovative digital marketing solutions to help your business grow with more profit. We always make sure that you get the return on your digital investment.

Omega Marketing Project is a marketing agency providing full integrated digital marketing services to businesses in ASEAN countries and beyond.  The company was founded by a team of professionals with various background from research and strategist, IT and digital marketing, design and video editing.

We strongly believe that a good digital marketing strategy should come from an in-depth market research to understand the market, competitors, customers and the need gaps. The research-based strategy is cost-effective and able provide a return on investment for companies to achieve their business goals.

Our core mission is to help our clients create the brand that is relevant, bring it to life and communicate it in a way that standout from the crowd by using various tactics and digital media platforms. We always make sure that you get the return on your digital investment through us. ​We strive to deliver profit increases for our clients and everything we do is powered by an in-depth research and big data.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Our success is when our clients achieve their business goal. We put very high commitment on our works and if we can’t meet the agreed goal, we will give you back 100% of your money.

Your reliable partner

We are here to listen, educate and consult. We believe that complete transparency, open communication and constant education are key elements to achieving success from your efforts.

Beyond Digital Marketing

We are not only the expert in digital marketing solutions but also have many years of experience in research and marketing consulting. Our team has been working with clients globally to provide them insight and strategies to grow their market success.


We do everything to ensure that it was not only useful, but also pleasant to work with us. If our client is not also our friend after the shared work, we do not recognize the work as completely successful.

Free Consultation

Our experts will work with you to develop your brand identity to determine its growth opportunity. They will also advice on the optimal platforms and strategies through which to direct qualified traffic to understand and engage with your brand.


We believe that in order to grow your company, you need to generate a lot of quality leads through your online campaign and website. That is why we focus our attention on these marketing aspects.


We are expert in creating tailored cost-effective campaign that reach and engage with your target customers to drive more sales in your industry specifically.


We have a variety of solutions for legal practices, consulting firms, management consultants, which can feet any business needs, independent of its scale and targeting: Brand and company promotion, loyalty programs, Social media marketing, Niche discovery, Targeted e-mailing lists, Off-market services, Search Engine Optimization / Marketing, Top-level management / owners targeting, LinkedIn profile campaigns, Advertising campaigns, Extensive analytics and customer reporting, Measuring of ROI / calls – contacts tracking


Hospitality sales are different from consumer goods sales because marketers must sell tangible as well as intangible products. In many cases this means that they are marketing services rather than goods, and success hinges on creating the right feeling in the consumer. For example, a resort will want to cultivate a relaxing, fun atmosphere that is recognizable to customers and inspires those same feelings in the consumer. Because the hospitality industry is mostly made up of tourism and other experiential services, a consistent brand identity is also very important. Marketers want to ensure that brand recognition exists so that customers will use their services again and again. Repeat customers bring in a sizeable portion of revenue, so marketing strategy must be split between maintaining relationships with past customers while seeking out new ones.


Our approach is to market your services directly to the right people, meeting their expectations: Value-adding solutions; Superb quality websites; Market research and selective targeting with variable messages; Off-market leads and promotions; HNWI targeting; Content marketing; E-mail lists and well-tracked e-mail campaigns; Trust and security at all levels.


Healthcare Marketing That Wins Patients, Grows Revenues and Enhances Your Reputation Done properly, ethical medical marketing can grow your profits, attract the patients and cases you want, build your reputation (brand) and even enable you to have a life again. Omega Marketing specializes in getting you results. Our clients are typically providers (hospitals, medical practices, ASCs, dental practices, etc.) and manufacturers who want to reach patients.


We distinguish our property marketing services from other firms in two ways: we segment your prospects to make the best possible use of marketing resources, and we have a system to drive prospects through a “transaction filter,” taking them from basic awareness of your property through the contract stage. Market segmentation. Most real estate marketing proposals list dozens of tactics—signage, online listings, flyers and tours—but lack strategic segmentation of the potential market to make the best use of available resources. Our approach is to develop a prospecting hierarchy that defines your best possible tenants or buyers, such as those with the greatest need or those likely to pay the highest price. Primary targeting: We connect with the best prospects through high-touch, personal contact including calls and tours. Secondary targeting: We connect with our database of appropriate targets through direct marketing, such as flyers, mail, email and broker contact. Tertiary targeting: We ensure exposure to every potential target with broadcast tactics, such as advertising, online listings, signs and network exposure.


Lifestyle and premium marketing is all about branding, and no one does that better than ultra-luxury companies. These brands are some of the best around at drumming up organic conversations and inserting their logo or product into them. The Omega's project team has a respectful history of cooperation in countries of APAC, Cambodia and Thailand. We do care your high-end goods and services to be messaged to the right audiences. We have learnt to understand your customers through experience and behavioral data reports.

Our Team Members

``Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.`` --Andrew Carnegie


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